Hi, my name is Patrick Skiba and I’m a software developer living in Hartford, CT.

You can find me on Github, Instagram, or you can write me an email at pskiba@posteo.net.


While I do have my preferences, I don’t label myself as an “insert framework here” developer.

My experience ranges from:

  • Creating multiple React/Node web apps and successfully deploying them to production to tens of thousands of users
  • Maintaining legacy VB.NET APIs that few dare to touch
  • Working on the first iOS app in my department which has recieved many accolades for its increase in employee efficiency and cost-saving benefits

My Hobbies and Interests

  • Vim, paricularly Neovim, is my editor of choice at home. It is an editor so powerful that you can learn something new each day and still have so much more to learn.
  • I keep many notes to stay organized, my primary tool for this is Org-mode. Due to its lack of portability, I maintain a companion app called Web-org that I hope will one day surpass similar projects currently available.
  • I enjoy learning about Unix and how to use standard Unix utilities such as awk, sed, and grep. As a Linux and Mac user, being familar with your system and the software that comes with it is very useful.
  • I am a foodie and will take several trips down to New York City with my girlfriend for some culinary adventures.
  • In recent years I’ve gained an appreciation for Connecticut’s craft brewery scene. Living in Hartford, I have access to great local gems such as Hanging Hills and Hog River.
  • Though I don’t do this as often as I would like, I enjoy a day of rock climbing at the local rock climbing gym.
  • Cats, I love cats. This is my cat, Pete:

What Powers This Site

This site is generated by Jekyll; I use a modified version of the minima theme. Hosting is provided by the Google service, Firebase.